These days, an alarming number of journalists is killed. We must rise against it: corruption, murders to keep hidden, to abuse power and to bully inhabitants is striking at the roots of our freedom. 

I started the project “Sculptor For Journalists”. Sculpture is there to stay, is three dimensional. It is phyical presence by definition.

I will make pieces in honour of journalists who have been killed by their own government.

We ourselves also can strangle journalists. Oblivion is the réal death of a journalist, whether he or she is dead or alive. Journalists who are murdered are extra vulnerable: our silence, our forgetting is for them being silenced a second time.

Journalists are hunters. Preferably big game hunters, they chase the secretive, the smug, that which robs us behind our backs.

For us as a society, journalista are a filter against flying debris left by self-enriching figures and by institutions that ruthlessly go their own way.

Yet, in fact hournalists are only people, sticking out their necks to make visible that which deserves daylight.

Don't leave them alone.